An Ideal Flameless USB Lighter Will Never Go Out. Pick One of the 5 Best!


You’ve seen the next lighter created for candles and barbecue grills, which is yet another demonstration of a plasma lighter that is certainly perfect for people who find themselves searching for a fantastic flameless lighter to work with in your home. 

This is usually a windproof lighter, and that is suitable for days gone by when you’re hoping to get your grill to input the wind looks like it’s against you. The lighter is really a single arc option, and it is intended for you to manage to place the lighter to the charcoal area to begin with your grill, while not having to stress about an instant flame making some sort of injury. Because of the elongated form of this lighter, you may feel safe whenever using it, and you’ll also love the fact it’s crafted from a durable material which often can handle heat as well as the rigors of daily use.

It may be the quality on this lighter really causes it to be noticeable in comparison for the bulk of other plasma lighters that you might find in existence. While it’s perfectly suitable to be utilized to light cigarettes and other smoking materials, this can be meant to specifically provide the right type of appearance and feel to begin your grill or light a candle.

In addition, towards the quality in this product, what’s more, it is included with accessories which render it the perfect selection for you. One such item will be the decorative hanger hook that is sold with it, allowing that you hang it at the door, so it truly is for you since you head outside to begin with your grill. This also will come in an incredibly decorative gift box, which helps it be ideal being a gift for the friend or cherished one, or even for yourself if you’re searching to the ideal lighter to begin your grill.


This lighter cost about $20, rendering it an advisable investment to suit your needs. However, what really makes this supplement jump out could be the outstanding customer satisfaction the company provides. With any product which you could buy, SPPARX realizes that you could have issues from time to time and don’t wish to become frustrated or feeling like nobody is there to help you. Therefore, they give a superb support services to guide you with any conditions you could possibly have.

Top 10 Best Plasma Lighters 2018 Review


The Arc Lighter THE BULL Electronic Lighter By THE BULL is the latest technology new generation Plasma lighter. It comes with wider arcs, dual arc bean and also it is a USB rechargeable lighter. It is an innovative electronic lighter with lots of features inside it. With that, it also has double power and works by creating an electric arc with the simple press of a button.

The manufacturer is offering sleep and attractive design in the Arc Lighter THE BULL Electronic Lighter. Charging the plasma lighter is quite convenient as we’re getting USB Charge feature in this electronic lighter. Being windproof and flameless, most people prefer to have such beneficial lighters. Also, the manufacturer is offering 100% absolute satisfaction with the device.


  • New Generation: The Arc Lighter THE BULL Electronic Lighter is a new generation electric lighter as it comes with latest elements inside it.

  • Plasma Beam Arc: This plasma lighter comes with plasma beam arc and offers double power through the bean arc.

  • Simple Press: The device works efficiently through the simple press, and delivers powerful performance.

  • USB Charge: These days we apparently have some PCs or Laptops around us, hence charging the Arc Lighter THE BULL Electronic Lighter is quite convenient.

  • Impressive: Being windproof, flameless and no gas required, are remarkable features of this plasma lighter.

  • High-Quality Materials: The Arc Lighter THE BULL Electronic Lighter is made of high quality and durable zinc alloy.

  • Hardware: This plasma lighter measure around 0.5 x 1 x 2 inches while its weight is about 0.13 pounds.


  • New Generation Plasma Lighter

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Windproof

  • Double Power Plasma Bean Arc

  • Flameless


  • Not really

The Arc Lighter THE BULL Electronic Lighter by THE BULL is available in stunning jaguar black color and delivers high-end performance with plasma arc. With a mere press of the button, it provides double power. It also has a sleep and elegant design. Arc Lighter THE BULL Electronic Lighter is USB rechargeable lighter with so many features inside it.



Flameless USB Lighter One of the 5 Best!


A Dual Arc Lighter– USB Lighter - SPPARX Arc Lighter, Dual Arc Flameless Electronic Lighter
This is an upper class lighter as it has a dual arc. What is its edge over a single one? A dual arc forms a kind of "crosshairs", which is able to light a cigarette faster, and generally, the effect is more powerful. The design is the same; even the ignition button is located at the same spot. As for the colors, the choice is yours as even such colors as bullet silver, luxury gold, moon white, and wild black are available. The fans of classics will appreciate the product.


The Best Sewing Kits to Buy in 2018


For an affordable, well-stocked sewing kit full of essential tools, you should look into the Sew Simply Sewing Kit, which is a real steal. This product is small and lightweight enough to bring on trips, but it’s comprehensive enough to tackle any fashion emergency in your household.

The Sew Simply Sewing Kit comes in a durable zippered case that contains more than 120 pieces. There are assorted sewing needles, stainless steel scissors, safety pins, a measuring tape, a metal thimble, a needle threader and more. That’s not to mention the impressive 38 spools of thread that come in the kit! There are multiple spools of common colors like black and white, as well as single spools of more unusual shades like pink and yellow.

This kit is ideal for small clothing repairs, traveling, learning to sew or other everyday sewing needs. The Sew Simply Sewing Kit’s reasonable price and comprehensive selection of tools makes it one of the best values available today.



15 Seriously Cool Lighters In 2018 – Best Selling Models Compared!


This is another powerful double arc electric lighter that will not disappoint you. Instead of using a single electric plasma arc, this SPPARX lighter uses a double arc.

The double arc gives it the power to light bigger objects more quickly than single arc lighters. You can charge this device by simply plugging it in via its USB connector.


  • This is another cool model of arc lighter that is totally electric

  • This lighter eliminates the need for butane refills and can be totally recharged by a simple USB connection

  • Instead of just one arc, this lighter generates two so that you can light bigger objects and smoking utensils. The double arc has more power and coverage to light things faster. 

  • Perfectly safe, and eliminates the emission of toxic fumes that are byproduct of your typical butane lighter

  • This double arc plasma lighter is both windproof and splash-proof, so you never have to worry about the weather stopping you from using your lighter

  • One of the greatest things about electric lighters like this one is that they prevent you from burning or scorching your thumbs, while using it


  • The USB connecter may provide for a really loose connection, so you will have to make sure that your lighter is plugged in completely




The 10 Best Sewing Kits

Though it occupies a smaller footprint when closed than a standard sheet of paper, the Sew Simply XL manages to pack in 30 spools of thread in a veritable rainbow of colors. Everything is held in place with elastic bands, so your materials won't get jostled in transit.